Raimi's job, first and foremost, is adoring me. His second job is to be a St John Ambulance Therapy Dog in which we visit nursing homes and hospitals in order to bring the residents some canine joy and adoration. Raimi excels in his new role and we look forward to making many people very happy with "The Boy's" presence.

 Raimi completed his championship with his final points coming with a 3rd in the Hound Group. He also won a Hound Puppy group at 10 months and is major pointed in the USA.

He is now the sire of two litters of puppies with Leeloo and there endeth his breeding career.

He will spend the rest of his days adoring me and his second favorite Boss Bitch in the world, Leeloo. 

He currently has one Champion offspring to his name, his son Luke, and his daughter Cora is well on her way to completing her title just as soon as the show season starts up again in the Maritimes.  

Affectionately known as 'The Boy', Raimi is equal parts adorable and impressive. 

I often say that the only thing that surpasses my love for him is his love for me.

(Halo x Am. Ch. Rivercity's Travlin Man JC)


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