Here you will find a listing of the Champions Invictus has shown and produced in my short time as a Ridgeback breeder. I am priviledged to have met some of the best people in purebred dogs through my Ridgebacks. Some of these dogs were bred by others, some are owned by others, but all are family. Check out their links and the websites of the dedicated people who own and care for them. Just because a dog is shown and is a Champion, doesn't mean it is any less spoiled or loved by its owner.

 Canadian and American Champion Aegis Halo CGN

Bred by Aegis Ridgebacks - Utah, USA

BPIS Canadian Champion Invictus The Fifth Element

Bred by Aegis & Wendy Dexter

Owned by Invictus 

Canadian Champion Invictus One Magic Christmas

Bred by Invictus 

American Champion Invictus African Queen

Bred by Invictus & Aegis

Owned by Virginia and Jon in California

Canadian Champion Invictus Blood Diamond

Bred by Invictus

Owned by Sandra and Donnie in NS 

Canadian Champion Invictus Army of Darkness

Bred by Invictus and Aegis 

Canadian Champion Invictus Love Actually

Bred by Invictus

Owned by Taryn De Vos of Elyia Ridgebacks in BC

 American Champion Invictus Armageddon of Aegis

Bred by Invictus & Aegis

Owned by Aegis

2007 - 2010 RIP 'Steady Geddie'


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